Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 Walkthrough for Nindendo DS and 3DS – Character Tokens



I have completed playing through the Lego Harry Potter Year 5-7 DS game, at points I tried to find a full walkthrough for the DS version of the game but was unable to find anything. So in order to give something back to the Nintendo DS world, I’ve decided to create my own walkthrough as I re-play the game.

You may also want to check out Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 for Xbox 360 or Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 on the Nintendo Wii as the DS game is doesn’t have everything the larger console games do.

I will be posting separate posts for each chapter of the game while I re-play it, once I have finished I will combine all of my posts together to create a full walkthrough which you can print off and use.

I hope you find this useful, please comment with your thoughts as this is my first ever walkthrough.

Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 Walkthrough for Nindendo DS and 3DS

Character Tokens


  • Tasha

    (Posted on behalf of Alex)
    Hi Natasha,

    Firstly thank you so much for the great walkthrough, has been a massive help.

    I’m struggling to find a black magic character for free play mode, have completed the game and am now starting from Yr 5 ch1 again on free play. I don’t appear to have any black magic characters and can’t find a shop to buy any.

    Could point me in the right direction please?


    Hi Alex,

    Thank you for your email, I’m glad you’ve found the walkthrough useful as you can imagine it takes a long time to write them so I’m sorry I haven’t quite got to the dark magic characters on it yet.

    In order to buy new characters, you need to go to Hogwards castle where you get to the chapters for free play and go to the right hand side, up the stairs and round to the right. You’ll see a plaque on the wall, stand on the gold ring and press the A button, sometimes you have to do it twice as it doesn’t always lock in (bug). Then select the character option and now you can buy characters.

    I found that I got Bellatrix Lestrange (dark magic character) first, you can get Voldemort on the last level too but I would need to play the level to remember where I got it. The dark magic characters are very expensive so I would suggest you buy one of them first and then buy other characters as you need them.
    Luna Lovegood is a great character to take into the levels with you as she has the spectraspecs ability, saves having to try and find a quibber dispenser.

    I would also suggest trying to buy as many of the red bricks as you can as it makes it much easier to progress to 100% level completion.

    If you need any more help or advise please feel free to contact me again 🙂


    Natasha Allsopp

    • AMos

      i was able to complete it 100%. i had a lot of trouble getting a wizard’s hat in the forest (not sure which level, but it’s the one where ron gets the sword of gryffindor and then you battle in the clearing. it took me forever to figure out how to light the fire to melt the ice block (the bug spits flames, and if you get him to spit them at you at just the right angle and distance, it will light the fire). that, and james potter in the last chapter, were the final two i was missing. (i found this guide trying to figure out how to get the james potter token 🙂 ).

  • sky

    Professor Umbridge is a dark magic character-I got her pretty early in the game-I don’t remember where/when, but she can use dark magic.

    • Tasha


      Thank you for letting me know, I had not discovered that Professor Umbridge was a dark magic character. I will have to go check that out 🙂

      Many thanks,


  • Jen

    Hi, I have used this walkthrough to help me find the few remaining red bricks and hats that I was missing. I have completed the levels and have found everything. I have also won all of the duels. However, there are 4 or 5 characters that I still don’t have unlocked.
    I scrolled through your character list, as well, and you do have a ? for them too. Any ideas how I can figure out how to get them unlocked? I want to finish the game at 100%.

    • Natasha Allsopp

      Hi Jen,

      Thank you for your message, I glad you have found my walkthrough useful. I am afraid at the moment I am unable to help because I am also facing the same problem. I have played the game through about 3 times now and as you can see I have few blanks.
      I will continue to search for the characters and will keep updating my website as I discover them. Keep watching and I’m sure one day we will all be able to complete the game 100%.

      Many thanks,


  • Bee

    Just thought I’d let you know I figured out how to get the missing character tokens. You have to go to the main Hogwarts area and to the dueling club. Duel everyone and the locked characters will be unlocked once you duel them. Hope that helps!

    • Natasha Allsopp


      Thank you for your help, I will try what you’ve said and update the walkthroughs as appropriate.

      Many thanks,

  • Jen

    I was able to unlock professor snape in the dueling battles. I have gone through the game again and can’t get mad eye moody, kingley shackle bolt, or godric gryffindor. Has anyone had any luck unlocking and purchasing these character???

    • Hannah Merridale

      Hi Jen

      I got Mad Eye, Kingsley and Godric by completing all of the duelling battles.

      I was going to try and cheat to get the other characters but I can’t find where you enter them! Any ideas??

      • Natasha Allsopp

        Hi Jen,

        Thank you for your help with these mystery characters. I will update my walkthrough with your findings and hopefully get round to claiming them on my game also.

        In terms of entering cheats, I don’t think it is possible with the DS game or at least I haven’t seen anywhere that you can enter cheats.
        I will have a look around the game tonight and let you know what I find.

        Many thanks for your message.


  • Max

    Hi Natasha, your guide was very helpful in getting the trophy from the ice in the Forest at Dean Lake, thanks a lot! For anyone wondering, you can access the cheat menu from the main menu, not within the game.

    I was wondering if anyone had successfully completed the game 100% yet? I have managed to get True Wizard on every level, beaten every enemy in the Duelling Club, collected every token, unlocked every character, got every trophy and every red brick and still my save says it is only at 97.9%. I cannot possibly imagine how the last 2.1% is achieved because I seem to have done everything already.

    Also, has anyone else experienced serious glitches when using the Elder Wand? Sometimes my character’s wand disappears and spells fire from other areas of the map, sometimes levels start in pitch black and nothing helps, not Lumos, not pausing, not anything. Finally, the Stud Vacuum appears to do nothing at all. I assumed it would suck loose studs toward my character, but there is no difference at all.

    Honestly, this game would have been okay if not for the bugs and glitches. It feels half-baked and lazy, which is a real shame.

    • Natasha Allsopp

      Hi Max,

      Thank you for you message, I have completed the game 97.9% also, I am currently in conversations with the lead developer of the game regarding the bugs/glitches, missing content (e.g. wizards hat on Y7-P2-C4) and percentage complete.

      I have also experience the problems you have pointed out which were annoying but sorted out with a restart (not that this is expectable).

      If you have enjoyed the LEGO Harry Potter games I would suggest you try the LEGO Lord of the Rings games as they are also very good but have a few less bugs as far as I can see.

      Speak soon,


    • Natasha Allsopp

      Hi Max,

      I’ve had a response from the Lead Developer of the LEGO Harry Potter games, I asked:
      “@arthur_parsons Is there supposed to be 5 wizards hats on LEGO HP 5-7 Y7-P2-C4? I can only see 4”
      and he said:
      “@Natasha_Allsopp hi, sorry for the slow reply. Just checked and there should only be four apparently;)”

      This means that it is not possible to complete the game 100% as there happens to be an extra wizards hat which doesn’t exist in the game.

      Hope this helps


  • Riley

    Thanks so much for this guide 😀

    Do you know if the effects from red bricks stack? For example, if I bought a x2 stud multiplier and a x8 stud multiplier would my studs be multiplied by x10?

    • alsobubbly

      Hi Riley,

      Yes that’s exactly how it works, the more multiplier red bricks you buy and enable the easier it will be to get more studs for purchasing other items and getting the true wizard awards in the later levels.

      My suggestion would be to save up for the 2x or 4x multiplier then buy a dark character and then build up your studs to get the rest of the red bricks and then purchase the characters. You will get all of the characters you need for free except the dark characters.

      Hope that helps?

      • Riley

        Yes, thank you 🙂

  • Sarah Webster

    Hi I am unable to get Gryffindor Boy, Gryffindor Girl, Gryffindor Prefect and Phineas Nigellus Black please help

  • Jeremy H

    I have the stud vacuum and activated it, but it seems to do nothing. Is there a glitch?

    • alsobubbly

      Hi Jeremy,
      Unfortunately the games do seem to be a little buggy at times. When things haven’t worked for me, I’ve closed it down and relaunched it; more often than not that seems to solve the issue.