LEGO Lord of the Rings Walkthrough for Nintendo DS and 3DS – The Pass of Caradhras

LEGO Lord of the Rings

LEGO Lord of the Rings Walkthrough for Nintendo DS and 3DS

The Pass of Caradhras

Head up the path and switch your character to Legolas by pressing the character picture on your bottom screen. Use the archery skills of Legolas to dispatch the Spies of Saruman by pressing and holding the Y button and then use the directional buttons to target the Spies of Saruman that are sitting on the columns. When you have the Spies of Saruman in your target release the Y button to shoot and kill the Spies of Saruman; do the same for the other Spies of Saruman around the area. When you have defeated all of the Spies of Saruman, a krank will fall to the ground. Press the A button to pick up the krank and head to the right of the area where you’ll see a krank box and a gate. Place the krank handle on the krank by pressing the A button and then press the A button again to krank the handle which will open the gate.

Head through the gate into the keep, while using the Legolas character you can do acrobatics on the acrobatic objects about the walls. At the back of the keep stand under the pole on the wall and press the B button to jump up on the pole. While Legolas is swinging press the B button to jump to next pole and use the directional buttons to direct him to the platform above.

On the platform you’ll see a box, push the box off the end of the platform by standing behind it and walking forward. The box will fall of the end and break up. Jump off the end of the platform and press and hold the A button to build a ladder with the LEGO pieces (this allows your other character to get on the platform). Change your character to Gimli who is a Dwarf and stand infront of the column on the right hand side of the platform. Press and hold the Y button and release the Y button to break up the column.

Head down off the platform and switch your character to Gandalf the Grey so you can interact with the Wizard LEGO object. Press and hold the A button to pick up the broken column while holding the A button press the right directional button to move the column, when the column is in the right place it will be released automatically and clear the path ahead.

Head up the path and continue through the circle of light.

Make your way along the path and watch out for the falling rocks to the far right you’ll see a blocked path so I headed towards the screen and ended up sliding down a long slide with studs down it. Use the directional keys to guide your character down the twisting slide to the bottom (you can go back to top of the slide by walking up the path to the left of the slide).

(Free Play Mode) – To the right of the slide you’ll see a load of objects, TBC.

Please note: I will be playing the level through when I have completed the game and will fill in any gaps.

Head to the far right of the area to complete the level.




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  • Robin Stewart

    So I have three pillar type things saying only a dwark with a powerful axe can break these lego items but I cannot get them to break using any character at all. You’ve skipped this part completely. That might be why “this chick” said it didn’t help.

    • Brenda Darlene Bailey

      It has to be Gimli with his axe.. good luck getting it to work though…

  • Brenda Darlene Bailey

    I have a real problem with Gimli’s axe… sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t.. if I get the spin, I can’t jump.. If I jump, I can’t get the spin.. Any pointers? I’m a 63 year old grandma… and I like to play with my grandkids.. but I suck at Lord of the rings.. DS.